Common misconceptions and ideas about the rheumatology practice and the diseases treated by them

What is Rheumatology ?

A field of Medicine dealing with the diseases of the joints and their support structures . Literally Rheuma means pain and Logy is study .

Who is a Rheumatologist :

Rheumatologist are physicians – Specialised in treating diseases with Arthritis and Autoimmune background

What does a Rheumatologist do ?

Find out the Reason for Arthritis and administer specailised care to prevent complications and help patients live a normal life

What are the symptoms of Arthritis – how do they show up ?

The commonest symptom of Arthritis is pain in the joints associated with Swelling and limitations of movements .This is more pronounced in the morning

Are all joint pains – Rheumatoid arthritis ?

There are more than 100 causes of arthritis and all joint pains are nor Rheumatoid


  1. Osteoarthritis is a disease of modern age associated with secondary life style obesity and metabolic syndrome and is the commonest cause of joint pains world wide
  2. More common with advancing age and wear and tear of the joints


  • Rheumatoid arthritis is the commonest cause of deforming erosive arthritis.

Do & Don’t for ARTHRITIS:

Do’s to prevent Arthritis:

  • Follow health life style – healthy habits
  • Eating Healthy Foods (In needed by focusing the advice from qualified persons)
  • Doing regular exercises – do proper exercise to give appropriate muscle strength to carry out the activities.
  • Do consult a qualified medical person – in case you develop joints symptoms.

Don’ts for Arthritis:

  • Restrict your activities – giving rest to joint without medical advice.
  • Restrict healthy foods without advice.
  • Wait for the joint symptoms to progress and restrict your activities.